King Charles III Makes Public Appearance at Easter Service Amidst Cancer Treatment

King Charles III makes a public appearance on Easter Sunday at Windsor Castle, reassuring the public amidst ongoing cancer treatment. His managed return to public life signals a gradual increase in public appearances, while Princess Kate’s absence adds to the challenges faced by the royal family.

New Horror Films Released This Week

Horror movie enthusiasts have been treated to five new releases this week, including a sequel to a viral hit, the at-home debut of a recent theatrical release, and a new Easter horror movie. From Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey II to Easter Bloody Easter, these new releases offer a diverse range of thrilling experiences for horror fans.

Former Nickelodeon Star Josh Peck Volunteers at Los Angeles Mission Easter Event

Former Nickelodeon star Josh Peck volunteers at Los Angeles Mission Easter event, joining other celebrities to provide meals and support for homeless and housing-insecure individuals. Peck’s appearance at the event follows his public support for former co-star Drake Bell, who recently came forward with abuse allegations from their time as child actors on the network.

Is Dollar Tree Open on Easter Sunday?

Planning to shop at Dollar Tree on Easter Sunday? Find out if your favorite store will be open for business on the holiday. Learn how to check store hours and explore alternative options for your last-minute Easter shopping needs.

Austin Prepares for Easter Holiday Closures and Openings

As Easter approaches, Austinites are preparing for the holiday festivities, but some may encounter closed doors at their favorite stores. Local favorite H-E-B, along with Aldi, Central Market, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Target, will be closed for the day. This means that last-minute Easter needs should be double-checked for availability at the nearest locations. On the other hand, convenience and grocery stores like 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Walmart will remain open for business, catering to those in need of last-minute essentials. H-Mart also reassures customers of its commitment to availability by opening 365 days a year, including Easter.

Local Businesses Experience Surge in Easter Weekend Sales

Local businesses in Salinas, Calif. are experiencing a surge in sales as Easter weekend approaches. Candy, toy, and cocoa prices are soaring, indicating high demand. Despite fluctuating foot traffic, local business owners emphasize the importance of supporting small businesses during holidays like Easter. It is recommended to check the operating hours of stores and restaurants for Easter day as businesses gear up for increased activity and customer demand.

Understanding Easter: What it is and How it’s Celebrated

Easter weekend is here and there is plenty of celebration around the Sunday holiday. Not everyone knows the meaning behind Easter, and bunnies and basket are at the top of many shopping lists. If you have question, don’t be concerned. There’s plenty of answers on what Easter is, tips for boiling eggs, where to eat brunch, what stores are closed, getting pictures with the Easter bunny and more.

Groundbreaking Study Reveals Alarming Facts About Climate Change

Groundbreaking study reveals alarming rate of climate change, with Earth’s temperature rising by 1.2 degrees Celsius over the past century. Urgent global action is needed to mitigate impact and safeguard the future of our planet. Rapid melting of polar ice caps and increase in greenhouse gas emissions pose significant threats, emphasizing the critical importance of transitioning to sustainable energy sources. This study serves as a wake-up call for individuals, businesses, and governments to prioritize environmental conservation and adopt eco-friendly practices.

Spanish Easter Brunch at Bulla Gastrobar in Winter Park, FL

Indulge in a special 3-course Spanish Easter Brunch at Bulla Gastrobar in Winter Park, FL on March 31st. Enjoy bottomless Mimosas and Sangrias for just $20, and savor the flavors of the season with family and friends. Explore more upcoming events in Orlando, FL, from Easter Sunday Brunch Buffet to educational events like ‘How Does a Seed Grow?’ and ‘Secret Life of Trees.’

An Easter Tradition: What About Those Deviled Eggs?

Learn about the tradition of deviled eggs at Easter and how they became a staple in one family’s celebration. Get a simple and delicious recipe for deviled eggs to try at home this Easter!