Local Businesses Experience Surge in Easter Weekend Sales

Easter weekend business sees an increase in sales

SALINAS, Calif. (KION-TV) — As the Easter holiday approaches, local businesses are experiencing a surge in sales. Candy and toy prices are soaring, along with cocoa prices, which have hit record highs ahead of the weekend.

Charlie Perez, the manager of Dulceria Vargas candy store, noted, “Generally, it has been a bit busier than previous years. I’m assuming maybe people are a little bit more excited for Easter.” Similarly, Isaac Estrada, manager of The 31st Grill, shared that their bakery, Emma’s Bakery, experienced high demand for pies last year and is expecting a busy Easter day this year.

However, Perez mentioned that the day before Easter saw fewer customers at the local candy store, indicating fluctuating foot traffic. Despite this, Javier Reynoso, a local business owner, emphasized the importance of supporting small local businesses during holidays, such as Easter, to benefit the community.

It is recommended to check the operating hours of stores and restaurants for Easter day. As the holiday approaches, businesses are gearing up for increased activity and customer demand, reflecting the festive spirit and the significance of supporting local establishments during these special occasions.


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