Olive Garden Worker Tests Positive for Hepatitis A in New Jersey

A worker at an Olive Garden restaurant in Deptford, New Jersey has tested positive for hepatitis A, as confirmed by Gloucester County health officials. The employee worked at the restaurant from December 26, 2023, through December 30, 2023. The health department is closely collaborating with the restaurant and the New Jersey Department of Health to prevent further spread of the disease.

Following an inspection in March 2023, the restaurant had received a satisfactory rating. A re-inspection on Wednesday also resulted in a satisfactory rating, indicating that proper protocols are being maintained. According to county officials, the infected employee, who worked in the ‘front-of-house’ role, will not be allowed to return to work until being officially released by a doctor.

Olive Garden has emphasized that the health and safety of their guests and team members is their top priority. The company stated that it places the highest priority on maintaining clean and safe restaurants within the industry. They have also mentioned that they are not aware of any other workers or customers becoming ill.

Hepatitis A is a viral illness with symptoms including abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, poor appetite, jaundice, and dark urine. Health officials have urged individuals who are unsure of their vaccine status to contact their healthcare provider. While the risk is low for those who are not vaccinated, health officials have emphasized that it is not absent. They recommend getting the vaccine within two weeks of exposure, as it can be helpful in preventing the illness.

Customers have expressed surprise and concern regarding the incident. Health officials are working diligently to ensure the safety of all patrons and prevent the further spread of the disease.


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