Lena Dunham Steps Down from Directing Polly Pocket Film

Lena Dunham, known for her work on the TV show Girls, has decided to step down from directing the upcoming Polly Pocket film. In a recent statement to The New Yorker, Dunham expressed her doubts about being able to match the success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film.

Despite working on the script for three years, Dunham revealed that she felt unable to put her unique touch on the project in the same way Gerwig did with Barbie, which grossed $1.44 billion at the box office, making Gerwig the most successful solo female director in history.

The Polly Pocket film, which was set to star Lily Collins, had garnered praise for its script and Dunham’s collaborative approach. However, Dunham ultimately felt that she needed to feel a deeper connection to a project in order to direct it.

While Dunham has withdrawn from the Polly Pocket film, Mattel, the toy company behind the project, remains committed to bringing the beloved toy to the big screen. Other projects in the works at Mattel include films based on Barney and Hot Wheels.

Currently, Dunham is focusing on her Netflix series, Too Much, which loosely mirrors her own life experiences. The show follows a character portrayed by Megan Stalter as she navigates a new relationship in London after a breakup in New York.

Dunham’s decision not to star in the series herself stems from her past experiences with body shaming during her time on Girls. She praised Stalter’s talent and expressed a desire to avoid the scrutiny she faced in the past.


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