KFC Introduces Five New Saucy Flavors for Chicken Nuggets

KFC has made an exciting announcement for all chicken nugget enthusiasts. The fast-food chain is upgrading its popular chicken nuggets with five new saucy flavors, set to hit the menu on April 1.

The hand-breaded nuggets will now be available in five tantalizing flavors – Korean BBQ, Honey Sriracha, Sticky Chicky Sweet ‘n Sour Sauce, Georgia Gold, and Nashville Hot. These flavors are designed to elevate the taste experience for KFC customers.

For a limited time, customers across the nation can indulge in these crispy and juicy chicken nuggets at participating KFC restaurants. The 10-piece serving of the saucy nuggets will be priced at $5.99, allowing guests to savor all five flavors.

Additionally, customers have the option to enjoy the new saucy flavors with regular serving sizes of the chicken nuggets, starting at a price of over $3.49. The saucy chicken nuggets can be ordered at any nearby KFC restaurant, as well as through the KFC mobile app and website.

Nick Chavez, the Chief Marketing Officer at Yum Brands-owned KFC, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “We’ve entered the sauce chat. Our KFC Nuggets – made from 100% white meat chicken and hand-breaded with KFC’s secret recipe of 11 herbs & spices – dripping with these sauces create an unmatched flavor experience, with something for every palate.”

The new saucy chicken nuggets promise to offer a unique and elevated flavor experience, catering to a variety of taste preferences. From the sweetness of honey to the boldness of mustard and the savory flavor of vinegar, these upgraded nuggets are expected to become crowd favorites.

In addition to the 10-piece offering for $5.99, customers can also opt for a meal combo, including the saucy chicken nuggets, a side of fries, and a drink, priced at over $9.99. Furthermore, KFC reward program members placing orders of $10 or more through the chain’s mobile app can enjoy a free 10-piece serving of the saucy nuggets.

The introduction of these new saucy flavors is a testament to KFC’s commitment to providing innovative and exciting offerings to its loyal customer base. With the launch of the saucy chicken nuggets, KFC aims to enhance the overall dining experience for its patrons, offering a diverse range of flavors to cater to varying preferences.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with KFC’s upgraded saucy chicken nuggets, available for a limited time starting April 1. Whether you’re a fan of sweet and spicy or bold and savory flavors, KFC’s new saucy nuggets are set to elevate your chicken nugget experience.


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