Heavy Storm Disrupts TOKEN2049 Conference in Dubai

The TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai has been hit by a heavy storm, causing massive disruption to the event and the city. The conference, which features esteemed speakers from the crypto industry, is facing challenges as severe storms have flooded the UAE, leading to grounded flights and warnings for residents to stay indoors.

Visitors have shared footage of the devastation caused by the storm, with flooded streets and water-logged cars becoming a common sight in Dubai. Some conference attendees even joked about the situation on social media, with one user stating, ‘Come to Dubai, huge liquidity pool,’ and another mentioning, ‘GM Dubai, surfing over to @token2049.’

Video footage also shows that the conference venue itself has been affected by the flooding, with crypto stalls experiencing issues due to the extreme weather conditions. Despite the challenges, organizers have stated that the entry and exit to Dubai remain unaffected, and the conference will proceed as scheduled.

Additionally, a poll posted by the organizers asked conference goers about their travel plans, with the ‘boat’ option currently leading the poll at 40%. The organizers also reassured attendees by highlighting the forecast for ‘dry and sunny weather’ during the event.

This is not the first time Dubai has faced flash floods, as a similar event occurred in July 2022, resulting in casualties and the evacuation of homes. Experts attribute the increasingly extreme weather to climate change and express concerns about the city’s lack of preparedness for such events. One victim affected by the 2022 floods highlighted the need for better planning and preparation for rare but increasingly common weather occurrences in the region.


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