What Channel is Fox on Dish?

FOX is one of the multiple television channels covering the NFL Playoffs this season. However, FOX could be on various channel numbers depending on your location and provider. For Dish customers, in particular, the Fox channel can vary in your region.

What Channel is Fox on Dish?

If you are looking for the Fox Channel on Dish, there are a few options depending on your region. The list below shows the respective channel numbers for Fox throughout the United States.

Fox on Dish List Location Channel Location Channel
Phoenix 10 Atlanta 5
Yuma 9 Chicago 32
San Francisco 2 New Orleans 8
Bakersfield 58 Boston 25
San Diego 69 Detroit 2
Fresno 26 Las Vegas 5
Sacramento 40 New York 5
Los Angeles 11 Philadelphia 29
Denver 31 Nashville 17
Colorado Springs 21 Memphis 13
Washington DC 5 El Paso 14
Jacksonville 30 Houston 26
Fort Worth 4 Brownsville 2
Miami 7 San Antonio 29
Tampa 13, 51, 53, 86, 93 Austin 7
Orlando 35 Dallas 4

Channel 5 and Channel 2 are the most popular channels for Fox to be on Dish.

In addition to the standard DISH Network channels, you can choose from several add-on channels or special offers to customize your TV viewing options even more. This includes Fox Sports 2 and NFL RedZone, where you can find consistent coverage of the NFL and post-game reactions/highlights. Fox and Fox Sports, however, are free on any standard Dish plan.

Furthermore, there is another option to find the Fox channel that you are seeking. Indeed, Dish users can utilize the cable providers’ in-depth channel guide to better specify what programming, or network, they are trying to locate. Typically, this guide is j


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