Tech/Science Emerges as Dataiku Boutique Services Partner, Revolutionizing AI Landscape has emerged as the next generation of Dataiku Boutique Services Partner, positioning itself as a pure-play strategic services partner for Dataiku, the Universal AI platform. This move comes as enterprises strive to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

The launch of signifies a significant milestone in the realm of data science, machine learning, and AI capabilities, as it aims to cater to Dataiku’s extensive global customer base of over 600 organizations. The partnership between and Dataiku is poised to revolutionize the approach organizations take towards AI and machine learning.

Jeremy Stensland, the President of, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Dataiku, stating, “Our focus is on enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their data by utilizing Dataiku technology to derive actionable insights and drive transformative outcomes.”

Dataiku, a three-time Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, is recognized for its collaborative data science and machine learning capabilities. The platform offers an enterprise-ready solution that enables teams to develop, deploy, and monitor advanced analytics projects effectively.

As a dedicated consultancy for Dataiku, is well-positioned to provide end-to-end solutions that enhance AI-driven decision-making and operational efficiency across various industries. Brian Power, Global Vice President, Americas Partnerships at Dataiku, welcomed as a pure-play strategic services partner, emphasizing the alignment of their expertise and strategic vision with Dataiku’s mission to democratize AI.

The partnership between and Dataiku aims to redefine the landscape of AI and machine learning by leveraging Dataiku’s robust platform and’s extensive experience. Together, they strive to deliver unmatched data science capabilities and generative AI solutions to their clients.


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