Taco Bell

Taco Bell x WILDFANG Coverall Launch

The Taco Bell x WILDFANG Coverall is a co-branded fashion collaboration with inclusive sizing and functional design, featuring 20 shapely pockets inspired by Taco Bell menu items. This launch caters to avid snackers and offers a unique and convenient clothing option for fans. The collaboration also reflects industry trends in fashion retail and apparel manufacturing, as brands explore new opportunities to engage with consumers and offer inclusive sizing options.

Rising Fast Food Prices Prompt Backlash and Concerns

Fast food prices have been on the rise due to inflation, labor costs, and supply chain disruptions. Popular chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s have implemented significant price increases, prompting concerns from consumers about affordability. As the industry navigates these challenges, it remains to be seen how fast-food chains will balance the need to cover rising costs with the expectations of price-conscious consumers.

Oakland Taco Bell Locations Forced to Cease Indoor Dining Indefinitely Due to Robberies and Surge in Crime

Four Taco Bell locations in Oakland, California have been forced to cease indoor dining due to a surge in crime, leading to disappointment among customers. The decision to transition to drive-thru and cashless service comes after a series of robberies, prompting concerns for safety and business operations. The community and local authorities must address these security concerns to ensure the safety of businesses and customers in the area.

Taco Bell and Salt & Straw Bring Back Choco Taco

Taco Bell is teaming up with Salt & Straw to bring back the beloved Choco Taco, featuring taco-shaped waffle cones filled with cinnamon ancho ice cream dipped in chocolate and topped with toasted brown rice. The gourmet version of the classic treat will be available nationwide this summer, generating significant excitement among consumers and poised to make a big splash in the ice cream market once again.