Solar Eclipse 2024: Merchandise and Accessories Galore

The highly anticipated solar eclipse of 2024 is just around the corner, and with less than two weeks to go, people are eagerly making plans for the event. In addition to securing protective safety glasses, enthusiasts are also looking to commemorate the occasion with a range of eclipse-themed merchandise.

Walmart and Etsy are offering a plethora of products including t-shirts, glasses, binoculars, telescopes, chairs, and even eclipse-themed food items for those planning to spend the day outdoors. With the next total solar eclipse not expected until August 2044, this event holds significant importance, and individuals are keen on making the most of it.

Solar Eclipse Shirts

Walmart is featuring the Inktastic long-sleeve solar eclipse shirt for $25.99, designed to keep enthusiasts in high spirits while ensuring they stay warm during the event. The shirt is available for delivery in time for the eclipse, offering both comfort and functionality.

Meanwhile, Etsy is also offering a variety of eclipse-themed shirts, providing individuals with the opportunity to purchase souvenirs to commemorate the occasion. Some of the featured shirts include the BellaWarriorBoutique Cleveland solar eclipse shirt for $22, THREADSbyHUDSON’s ‘Twice in a Lifetime’ solar eclipse shirt for $23.99, CreatedInParadise Ohio solar eclipse shirt for $13.32, and SpecialtyGiftsStore’s cat solar eclipse shirt for $20.

Solar Eclipse Accessories and Goods

In addition to clothing, both Etsy and Walmart are offering a range of accessories and goods for the solar eclipse. Etsy is featuring the LogoCookiesShop solar eclipse sugar cookies for $29, providing a unique way to elevate the eclipse experience. The cookies are individually wrapped and guaranteed to stay fresh for two weeks at room temperature, making them a delightful addition to the event.

Other accessories available for purchase include a custom city solar eclipse hat for $16.80, solar eclipse can koozie for $7.19, solar eclipse necklace for $32, and the GCI Outdoor rocker chair for $70, ensuring individuals have everything they need to make the most of the solar eclipse experience.


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