Robert De Niro Shares Heartwarming Details About Daughter Gia’s First Birthday Celebration

Robert De Niro, the renowned actor, recently shared heartwarming details about his daughter Gia’s first birthday celebration. Gia, his 13-month-old daughter with girlfriend Tiffany Chen, marked this special milestone with a delightful party.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, De Niro expressed his joy over Gia’s birthday festivities, mentioning that she enjoyed a lovely cake on her big day. Reflecting on his youngest child, De Niro described Gia as a source of pure joy, emphasizing her innocence and unbridled happiness.

Aside from Gia, De Niro is also a father to several other children from previous relationships. His children include Drena, 56, and Raphael, 47, with his first wife Diahnne Abbott, twins Julian and Aaron, 28, with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith, and Elliot, 25, and Helen, 12, with ex-wife Grace Hightower.

In a previous interview with PEOPLE, De Niro mentioned the striking resemblance between himself and Gia when he was a baby. Reflecting on a childhood photo of himself held by his father, De Niro Sr., the actor noted similarities between Gia and his youngest daughters, Helen and Gia, as well as one of his grandchildren.

De Niro also shared the joy his other children have experienced in bonding with their baby sister, emphasizing Gia’s endearing nature and the happiness she brings to the family. He expressed how Gia’s presence has a profound impact, allowing him to cherish precious moments with his youngest child.

The actor highlighted the strong bond among his children, grandchildren, and Gia, underscoring the significance of family gatherings and shared experiences. De Niro expressed his delight in spending quality time with his loved ones, particularly enjoying trips to warm destinations.

De Niro’s recent appearance on the cover of AARP The Magazine’s February/March 2024 issue showcased his enduring commitment to family and the joy Gia has brought into his life.


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