Reddy Bikeshare Expands to Tonawanda with Two New Stations

Reddy Bikeshare, a popular bike-sharing company, is making its way into Tonawanda with the announcement of two new stations. These stations will be located at The Intermodal Hub & Trail at 36 Young Street and Niwanda Park, situated across from Niagara Street and Franklin Street.

The selection of these locations by Reddy Bikeshare is strategic as they serve as meeting points for the Tonawanda Rail-Trail and the Empire State Trail. This expansion marks the company’s first venture outside of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, showcasing its commitment to providing accessible transportation options in new areas.

The installation of the new stations is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, bringing the convenience of bike-sharing to residents and visitors in Tonawanda. This move is expected to promote eco-friendly commuting and encourage outdoor activities in the community.

With these new additions, Reddy Bikeshare aims to enhance mobility and connectivity in Tonawanda, contributing to a more sustainable and active lifestyle for its residents. The company’s expansion reflects a growing demand for alternative transportation solutions and a shift towards greener modes of travel.


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