Rebel Wilson Reveals Losing Virginity at 35 in Upcoming Memoir

Rebel Wilson, the Australian-born actress, has recently revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 35 and hopes that sharing her personal story will send a ‘positive message’ to others. Wilson, aged 44, included this revelation in her upcoming memoir ‘Rebel Rising,’ set to be released on April 2. Her intention is to reassure young people that ‘not everybody has to lose their virginity as a teenager.’

‘People can wait till they’re ready or wait till they’re a bit more mature,’ says Wilson. ‘And I think that could be a positive message. You obviously don’t have to wait until you’re in your thirties like me, but you shouldn’t feel pressure as a young person.’

Wilson candidly shares that she avoided the topic as much as possible during her teenage years due to feeling embarrassed. She recalls telling her best friend that she had lost her virginity at 23, simply to avoid further questions. Wilson admits to trying to sidestep the subject whenever it came up, even leaving the room to avoid the conversation.

Referring to herself as a ‘late bloomer,’ Wilson believes that her experience and exploration of her sexuality would have been ‘very different’ if she was 20 years younger. She reflects on her journey of self-discovery, stating, ‘It’s absolutely incredible, if I had been born 20 years later, I probably would’ve explored my sexuality more.’

Now engaged to designer Ramona Agruma, Wilson’s openness about her personal experiences aims to encourage others to feel comfortable with their own journey of self-discovery.


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