Qargos F9: India’s First Cargo 2W Unveiled at ET CV & Logistics Conclave

On March 15, 2024, the Hilton Mumbai International Airport hosted the ET CV & Logistics Conclave, focusing on the road to sustainable transportation. The event showcased India Inc’s advancements in smart and sustainable manufacturing, aiming to accelerate towards a trillion dollars and net zero emissions.

One of the highlights of the conclave was the unveiling of the Qargos F9, termed as the ‘world’s first’ cargo 2W, designed to revolutionize logistics. This electric scooter, developed over six years by a Pune-based startup, is set to enter commercial production in the first half of 2024 after initiating customer trials.

The Qargos F9 boasts a unique form factor, distinguishing itself from traditional two-wheelers in India. With a cargo compartment integrated into the chassis, it offers a capacity of 225 litres and can carry up to 120 kg. Despite initial challenges in handling due to the cargo placement, the EV managed a top speed of 80 kmph, equipped with three software-controlled power modes.

Director and co-founder of Qargos, Alok Das, highlighted the potential market for the cargo scooter in India, estimating that approximately one in every 25 riders utilizes a two-wheeler for commercial purposes, amounting to roughly one crore two-wheelers.

Technical specifications of the Qargos F9 include a 3.4 kW motor with a peak power of 6 kW, powered by a 6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery pack developed in collaboration with Dassault Systemes.


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