Pizza Hut Launches ‘Goodbye Pies’ Service for Valentine’s Day Season

Pizza Hut is spicing things up this Valentine’s Day season with its new offering, the ‘sweet yet spicy’ Hot Honey pizza. The Texas-based chain has launched this unique dish, which is topped with marinara sauce, a generous layer of cheese, classic pepperoni, a hot honey drizzle made with real honey infused with chili peppers, and crispy cupped pepperoni. To promote the new pizza, Pizza Hut is offering a special service called ‘Goodbye Pies,’ which allows customers to customize the pies to ease the awkwardness of a breakup.

With the ‘Goodbye Pies’ promotion, Pizza Hut is helping customers break up with their significant others by delivering a personalized, simple message on custom packaging along with the sweet and spicy Hot Honey pizza to ease the pain. The custom pizza boxes also have a space for the break-upper’s name to be added. This service is available at select locations in New York City, Miami, and Chicago from Feb. 6 until Valentine’s Day. Customers can visit to order the meal.

For those not in the select cities, the website can also be used to request Pizza Hut to write a breakup text and send a link to a gift card for the future-ex to redeem a free Hot Honey pizza. According to a press release by Pizza Hut, research shows that Valentine’s Day is a holiday centered around heartbreak, with 45% of people agreeing that it’s better to break up right before the holiday itself.

This unique marketing strategy by Pizza Hut is sure to turn heads and create a buzz this Valentine’s Day season. Whether it’s to spice up a breakup or simply enjoy a flavorful pizza, Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey pizza is set to make waves in the pizza industry.


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