Personal trainer nearly dies from Covid-19 blood clots

A personal trainer from Cambridge ‘nearly died’ after Covid-19 caused blood clots in her legs, stomach, and lungs. Becky Fanthorpe, 39, first noticed something was wrong when she started experiencing hip pain.

Doctors initially dismissed the pain as sciatica, Covid, or an autoimmune disorder, advising her to take paracetamol. But after calling 111, she was rushed to hospital where she collapsed – likely because of the blood clots blocking blood flow to her organs.

Subsequent tests revealed blood clots throughout her body. There is an increased risk of clots following a Covid infection, according to the British Medical Journal.

Mum-of-three Becky had to learn how to walk again, giving up her 16-year long career as a personal trainer. A year later, she credits her love for cooking with helping her through her darkest days.

She now shares her favourite recipes with her 11,000 online followers. Becky, a content creator, said her children and partner supported her through tough times. She said: ‘They were there every day. You kind of realise how loved you are when something like that happens.’


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