Minnie Driver Opens Up About Unfair Treatment on ‘Hard Rain’ Set

Minnie Driver, the renowned actress, recently opened up about her experience while filming the 1998 movie ‘Hard Rain’ during an appearance on Jameela Jamil’s SiriusXM podcast I Weigh with Jameela Jamil. Driver, now 54, revealed that she was unfairly treated by the producers of the movie, who refused to allow her to wear a wetsuit as part of her character’s costume.

According to Driver, despite the challenging conditions of shooting the film, including massive rain machines and long hours, she was the only one prohibited from wearing a wetsuit underneath her costume. The reason provided by the producers was that they wanted to showcase her nipples, and they believed there was no point in having a wet T-shirt if the underlying attire was not visible.

Driver further disclosed that when she raised her concerns with her agent, the reaction from the set was unfavorable. She mentioned that people refused to speak to her, creating a hostile environment for her on the movie set. Despite Driver’s efforts to address the unfair treatment, representatives from the production companies BBC Films and Mutual Film Company did not respond to requests for comment from PEOPLE.

Expressing her emotional turmoil, Driver described feeling punished for speaking up and highlighted the subsequent media gaslighting that occurred. She expressed how the environment supported the distortion of her complaints, leading her to internalize self-blame and question her natural inclination to stand up against injustice.

Reflecting on the impact of the ordeal, Driver emphasized the detrimental effect it had on her self-perception and her inclination to speak out against mistreatment. She revealed that the experience led her to question herself and ultimately blame herself for raising concerns, despite the injustice she faced.

‘Hard Rain,’ the movie in question, is a heist-disaster film set during a major rainstorm in Indiana, and despite its star-studded cast including Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, and Randy Quaid, it is considered a commercial failure, grossing only $19 million at the domestic box office and failing to secure an international release.


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