Larian Studios Teases New RPG Project Codenamed Excalibur

Larian Studios, the renowned game development studio behind the successful Baldur’s Gate 3, is gearing up for the release of not one, but two new RPGs. Excitingly, one of these upcoming projects has been given the codename Excalibur, sparking curiosity and anticipation among fans.

During this year’s Digital Dragons conference, Larian’s co-founder and CEO, Swen Vincke, unveiled the working title of the mysterious project. However, details about Excalibur remain scarce as the team is still in the process of defining the game’s concept and direction.

In a recent interview with Gamepressure’s Hubert Sosnowski and Adam Zechenter, Vincke candidly admitted, ‘If we’re brutally honest, we’re trying to figure out what the hell it is.’ This sentiment was echoed by Adam Smith, Larian’s writing director, who humorously remarked, ‘This is a holiday.’

Vincke emphasized the studio’s experimental approach, stating, ‘If anybody from Larian at this point tells you this is what the game is going to be, they’re lying. We don’t know because we’re trying a whole bunch of things. We’re an iterative company.’

Despite the lack of concrete details, Vincke hinted at the team’s exploratory mindset, expressing a willingness to venture beyond their traditional turn-based strategy roots. He mentioned, ‘I love turn-based strategy, but I’m not shy of action,’ hinting at potential genre diversification for Larian Studios.

With the success of Baldur’s Gate 3 setting a high bar, the gaming community eagerly anticipates what Larian Studios will deliver with Excalibur. As the studio continues to evolve and innovate, fans can expect a fresh and engaging RPG experience in the near future.


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