Kwik Trip to Discontinue Sale of Bagged Milk After 40 Years

After more than 40 years of offering bagged milk, Kwik Trip convenience stores have announced that they will discontinue the sale of Nature’s Touch bagged milk. The decision comes as a result of a significant decline in bagged milk sales compared to milk in jugs.

John Hughes, Kwik Trip’s vice president of external relations, explained, ‘This is an end to a product that was associated with the Kwik Trip brand for many years, but after evaluating the need and cost for new equipment to replace our antiquated bagged milk equipment, and the decreased customer demand, we made the tough decision to discontinue Nature’s Touch milk in the bag.’

The company has taken steps to address the impact of this change on customers who used special promotional coupons for bagged milk, offering solutions with Kwik Trip’s other milk products. Kwik Trip CEO Scott Zietlow emphasized that the company will now focus on items that ‘resonate more strongly with our guests.’

Consumers can expect to see the disappearance of bagged milk from Kwik Trip stores starting in May.


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