JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes Steps Down, President Joanna Geraghty to Take Over

JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes has announced his decision to step down from his role, with the airline’s president and COO, Joanna Geraghty, set to take over in February. Hayes, who has served as CEO for nine years, cited the challenges and pressures of the job as reasons for his departure. Geraghty, who has been with JetBlue for nearly 20 years, will also join the company’s board. She has played a crucial role in the airline’s operations, particularly during turbulent times in the industry.

Hayes expressed confidence in Geraghty’s readiness to lead JetBlue, highlighting her contributions to the development of new commercial initiatives and her dedication to improving the airline for its employees and customers. He will continue to serve on the board of directors and act as a strategic advisor following his departure.

Prior to her role at JetBlue, Geraghty was a partner at a law firm and has been actively involved in the carrier’s efforts to acquire Spirit Airlines. Hayes defended the proposed acquisition, emphasizing its potential to create a strong competitor in the US market. The US Justice Department’s opposition to the deal has been met with disagreement from JetBlue, with Hayes asserting the merger’s benefits for consumers and the industry.

The transition in leadership comes at a critical time for JetBlue, as it navigates challenges in the aviation sector. Hayes’ decision to step down reflects the personal toll of leading the airline, while also signaling a new chapter for JetBlue under Geraghty’s leadership.


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