Investing in Israeli Stocks: A Call for Unity and Support

On March 24, 2024, ALL ISRAEL NEWS published a guest column discussing the opportunity to invest in Israeli stocks from outside of Israel. The article highlighted Israel’s economic resilience in the face of conflict and the potential for investment in Israeli businesses.

In October 2023, Israel faced a brutal attack by Palestinian Muslim extremists, resulting in the deaths of 1200 innocent citizens and the taking of 240 hostages. Despite the conflict, Israel’s economic indicators remained strong, with a low debt-to-GDP ratio and record-high foreign exchange reserves.

Notably, major companies like Intel have committed to significant investments in Israel, capitalizing on the country’s ecosystem of engineers and developers. Advocacy groups supporting Israel worldwide have also emphasized the importance of standing with Israeli businesses and companies that trade overseas.

The article urged supporters of Israel to unite in defending the nation, both politically and economically. It emphasized the need to support Israeli innovation and commerce, particularly in the face of coordinated attacks from anti-Israel organizations. Israel’s reputation as a ‘start-up nation’ and a hub for rapidly-growing technology-based businesses was also highlighted.

While early-stage start-up investing is often considered high risk for everyday investors, the article suggested that supporting Israeli businesses could be a way to defend and invest in the nation. It called for unity in defending Israel and encouraged the consideration of investing in Israeli companies.


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