HP Discontinues HP Plus Scheme on LaserJet Printers, Ending Subscription Ink Services

HP has announced a significant change in its printer DRM strategy, specifically for its LaserJet series. The company has decided to discontinue its HP Plus scheme on future LaserJet products, freeing customers from being locked into subscription ink services.

According to a spokesperson from HP, Nick Lucido, the company will no longer offer HP+ on any LaserJet series moving forward. This move comes after previous reports highlighted how HP’s printer subscriptions could essentially bind users to the company’s ink services indefinitely.

Druckerchannel has reported that HP is also phasing out its budget ‘e’-series LaserJet printers, which previously required an HP Plus subscription. Additionally, HP is discontinuing its Instant Ink subscription for laser printer toner, although existing customers are expected to be unaffected by this change. However, the e-series inkjet printers and their associated Instant Ink subscription will remain available, with HP likely to continue efforts to restrict the use of third-party cartridges.

HP’s decision to remove the HP Plus scheme from LaserJet printers is said to be aimed at assisting business customers, particularly those in IT-managed office environments who may face challenges meeting the cloud connection requirements for HP+. The company’s move may also be influenced by competitors like Brother, known for their laser printers that do not employ similar subscription tactics.

While the discontinuation of the HP Plus scheme for LaserJets marks a significant shift in HP’s approach to printer DRM, the company’s commitment to ink profits remains evident. Customers can expect the ongoing availability of e-series inkjet printers and associated services, as HP continues to navigate the evolving landscape of printer technology and consumer preferences.


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