Hailey Bieber on 2024 Beauty Resolutions and Skincare Strategies


Hailey Bieber on 2024 beauty resolutions, cold plunging, and her cleansing rules to live by

The modern beauty-sphere has been influenced by the trend-setting Hailey Bieber, who has established herself as a force in the industry. As the 27-year-old model and Rhode founder, she has redefined beauty movements, setting trends for feast-worthy make-up and covetable haircuts and colors. Her ‘boy bob’ and ‘glazed’ aesthetics have dominated social media, reflecting her influence in the beauty world. Sugar plum frosts, sunburnt blush, and cinnamon butter hair glazes have become iconic features of Bieber’s beauty regime, embraced by her loyal following.

Despite her ever-evolving make-up aesthetic, Bieber’s everyday skincare approach remains consistently minimalistic, a philosophy she openly shares and champions through Rhode. The brand offers curated formulas of everyday basics, all with a cohesive barrier protective ethos. With an impressive 945 million views on TikTok, Bieber has demonstrated that her minimalist approach transcends the typical celebrity beauty brand.

While Bieber’s flawless skin makes her the perfect ambassador for the brand, Rhode has actively showcased real skin textures in its campaigns, emphasizing transparency and inclusivity. Bieber expresses her commitment to representing diverse skin types, aiming to make people feel empowered and represented by the brand.

Bieber shares her skincare strategies for 2024, expressing her desire to take more risks with beauty and make-up, exploring new trends, and having fun with her looks. She is drawn to the beauty of the ’90s and aims to incorporate grunge elements into her style, inspired by icons like Kate Moss.

As a prominent figure in the beauty industry, Hailey Bieber’s influence continues to shape beauty trends and redefine beauty standards, inspiring individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

Do you have any 2024 beauty resolutions? ‘I’d like to take more risks with beauty and make-up and explore a little bit more. I’m at the point where I know what works for me, I have my basic day-to-day, everyday glam nailed down. So I’d love to push it forward in the new year and have more fun with it and try more things. Just explore. I really felt like I started to do that last year and it was so much fun.’

What make-up trends are you taking into 2024? ‘I love leaning more and more into the beauty of the ’90s. The little bit of grunge around eyes, but no skin. I’m very into those kind of vibes.’

Who is on your beauty moodboard? ‘I am constantly saving photos of Kate Moss. There’s something that I feel is so magnetic about her and he


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