Get Ready for Ferroseed Incense Day on May 26 in Pokémon GO!

Greetings PoGO enthusiasts! Get ready for the upcoming Incense Day on May 26, featuring the elusive Ferroseed! This event promises an exciting array of Grass and Steel types, making it a must-attend for PvP players. Let’s delve into the event spawns and highlight the top picks for your hunting spree!

Ferroseed Incense Day Overview

Date & Time:

  • Starts: Sunday, May 26, 2024 at 11:00 AM local time
  • Ends: Sunday, May 26, 2024 at 5:00 PM local time


  • Incense is more likely to attract Ferroseed
  • Increased shiny chance for Ferroseed
  • Daily Adventure Incense lasts twice as long when activated during the event
  • Grass and steel type Pokémon will be featured spawns on Incense
  • Spawns on incense will rotate hourly, switching between grass Pokémon spawns and steel Pokémon spawns

Ferroseed Incense Day

Best Event Spawns for PvP

  1. Ferroseed
  2. We kick off with the star of the show, Ferroseed. Its evolution, Ferrothorn, is a formidable choice in PvP, holding significance in the Great League and to a lesser extent, the Ultra League. Ferrothorn’s Grass type coupled with its Steel subtyping grants it resistance against Flying, Psychic, and Steel types while neutralizing Ice and Bug type attacks. However, it remains vulnerable to Fire and Fighting type moves.

    Ferrothorn boasts a versatile moveset, albeit on the slower side. Bullet Seed serves as an energy-generating fast move, though its damage output is modest. Power Whip stands out as the go-to charged move, complemented by secondary options like Mirror Shot (cost-effective), Thunder (providing broad coverage), and Flash Cannon (high power but costly). Thunder is often preferred for its effectiveness against Flying types, decent damage against Fire types, and lower energy cost compared to Flash Cannon.

    In the Great League, Ferrothorn excels against Water type opponents including Lanturn, Whiscash, Swampert, Azumarill, Feraligatr, and Dewgong. However, it struggles in matchups where its coverage falls short, especially against Fighting types.


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