Gerard Butler to Reprise Role in How to Train Your Dragon Live-Action Adaptation

Universal Pictures is set to bring back a familiar face in its live-action adaptation of the popular DreamWorks Animation franchise, How to Train Your Dragon. Sources have revealed that Gerard Butler, known for his role as Hiccup’s father Stoick in the original movies, will reprise his role in the upcoming film. The movie, scheduled to hit the screens on June 13, 2025, will feature Mason Thames and Nico Parker as Hiccup and Astrid, with Dean DeBlois taking the reins as director, writer, and producer.

The new adaptation aims to immerse audiences into the captivating world of How to Train Your Dragon, a franchise that has collectively grossed over $1.6 billion across three films. The return of Butler as Stoick, the formidable Viking chief and devoted single father, is expected to resonate with fans who have cherished his portrayal in the animated series.

Marc Platt, in collaboration with Marc Platt Productions president Adam Siegel, is set to produce the live-action film for Universal Pictures. The decision to cast new faces for the roles of Hiccup and Astrid was made due to the original voice actors having transitioned into adulthood. However, the opportunity to have Butler reprise his role was deemed too compelling to overlook, allowing the studio to honor the legacy of the original cast.

Butler, renowned for his action-packed performances in movies like the Olympus Has Fallen franchise and 300, continues to solidify his status as one of the busiest action stars in Hollywood. His involvement in the How to Train Your Dragon adaptation adds to his already impressive repertoire, with other projects such as ‘Plane’ and ‘Kandahar’ set to debut this year, along with the sequel to his 2018 action film, ‘Den of Thieves’.

The return of Gerard Butler to the beloved How to Train Your Dragon universe has generated significant excitement among fans and movie enthusiasts. With the original filmmakers at the helm and a promising cast, the live-action adaptation is poised to become a major summer blockbuster, drawing in audiences with its rich narrative and beloved characters.


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