Former WWE Diva Sunny Struggles with Intimacy in Prison

Former WWE Diva and adult film star Tammy Sytch, known for her in-ring name Sunny, has been candid about her struggles with intimacy while serving a 17-year jail sentence. Sytch, 51, is currently incarcerated at the Lowell Correctional Institution in Florida following a fatal car crash caused by her driving under the influence.

During a recent appearance on the Bird Calls podcast, Sytch revealed the challenges she faces behind bars, particularly the absence of physical affection. She expressed the difficulty of living without sex, stating, ‘It’s already been 22 months without it and let me tell you it’s rough. It’s like you become a virgin again, it’s insane.’

Sytch emphasized her preference for men and her lack of interest in pursuing relationships with women while in prison, saying, ‘I’ve never been into girls, I’ve never kissed a girl. I’m strictly d***ly.’ She highlighted the limited options for seeking companionship, noting, ‘I love men but when you’re here you really don’t have an option – if you want any kind of affection or connection with anyone it’s a girl-girl thing, you have no choice.’

Moreover, Sytch shared unsettling encounters with fellow inmates who sought to exploit her celebrity status. She disclosed, ‘One girl asked for my personal ID, for me to sign it, so she could take it home and sell it on eBay and I said ‘no,’ and then another girl believe it or not has the balls to ask me for my underwear.’ She firmly rejected the request, asserting, ‘I told her that was absolutely not going to happen.’

Despite her incarceration, Sytch remains a prominent figure in the wrestling world. Debuting in the WWF in 1995 as ‘Sunny,’ she gained recognition for managing renowned wrestlers during her tenure with the organization. Her contributions to the industry were further acknowledged when she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.


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