Doug Farrar’s favorite underrated prospects for the 2024 NFL Draft

2024 NFL Draft: Doug Farrar’s favorite underrated prospects

Prospects come into their draft processes as underrated entities for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps their position is thought to be of relatively little value in the grand scheme of things. Maybe they excelled in programs where few others did, and that left them on the outside looking in. It’s also possible that they play a position that’s particularly stacked that year, and there simply isn’t enough room for all that talent in the heads of the cognoscenti.

Here, we look to alleviate that to a certain degree. Touchdown Wire Editor Doug Farrar has watched all kinds of college tape as the draft process has progressed, and here’s his list of prospects deserving of more attention than they’re getting — at least, outside of NFL personnel meeting rooms.

Also, in this week’s “Xs and Os,” Greg Cosell revealed his favorite draft prospects for 2024.

Spencer Rattler, QB, South Carolina

Last season, when Rattler was pressured, he completed 57 of 121 passes for 855 yards, five touchdowns, five interceptions, and a passer rating of 67.3. When he wasn’t pressured, Rattler completed 217 of 282 passes for 2,328 yards, 14 touchdowns, three interceptions, and a passer rating of 112.7.

All quarterbacks are better when they’re kept clean than when they’re pressured, but in Rattler’s case, it matters a lot, because he was pressured a lot behind a South Carolina offensive line that really didn’t seem to have a plan out there. Rattler got heat on 186 of his 409 dropbacks.

Related: Rattler also ran the ball 28 times for 371 yards, four touchdowns, and six fumbles, and a lot of those runs were desperation moves as the pocket broke down before he could get his bearings.

Interestingly enough, Rattler was dynamite against the


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