Dominic West Opens Up About Media Scrutiny Over Lily James Photos

British actor Dominic West recently opened up about the intense media scrutiny he faced over images taken in 2020 with his former co-star Lily James, describing the situation as ‘absurd’ and ‘deeply stressful’ for his family.

West, known for his role in ‘The Wire,’ spoke about the incident in an interview with the Sunday Times, expressing how difficult it was for his wife, Catherine FitzGerald, but also mentioning that they found moments of humor amidst the chaos.

The images in question showed West and James, who had worked together on the TV miniseries ‘The Pursuit of Love,’ at a restaurant and riding an electric scooter in Rome, Italy.

Following the publication of these photos, West and FitzGerald made a public statement outside their home, holding a sign that reassured the public about the strength of their marriage.

West reflected on how the media often misconstrued their actions, even during simple disagreements, leading them to humorously consider staging ‘a show of unity’ whenever they stepped out together.

Despite the stress it caused his family, West shared that he was able to draw from this experience when portraying Prince Charles in Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ as he understood the distress of being in the spotlight and having personal details exposed.

James, in a separate interview in 2022, also alluded to the challenges faced by women in the public eye when it comes to maintaining a balance between privacy and media intrusion, acknowledging the toll it took on her.

Looking ahead, West is gearing up to star in Arthur Miller’s ‘A View from the Bridge’ at London’s Theatre Royal Haymarket later this summer.


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