Concerns Raised by Australian Resources Minister’s Speech in Tokyo

Resources Minister Madeline King’s recent speech at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo has raised concerns among those hoping for a shift towards green hydrogen and ammonia exports. In her address to Japanese industry leaders, King emphasized Australia’s commitment to continuing the export of LNG and coking coal, with little mention of future green resources exports.

King’s speech focused on Australia’s determination to remain a trusted partner for gas exports to Japan, highlighting the importance of new LNG projects such as the Barossa LNG project and the Scarborough LNG project. While acknowledging the goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050, the minister’s support for large-scale gas projects with long lifespans raises questions about the country’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, King emphasized the need for increased exports of traditional resources like iron ore, metallurgical coal, and critical minerals for the production of steel, renewable energy components, and electric vehicles. She also highlighted the role of gas as a flexible and dependable energy source during the transition to renewables.

However, the absence of any mention of future resources, coupled with King’s support for the export of hydrogen produced from brown coal, has sparked concerns. Her characterization of this as ‘clean hydrogen production’ has been met with skepticism, as it involves significant emissions.

King’s statement regarding collaboration with Japan to supply liquid hydrogen in the future aligns with Japan’s plans to increase the use of hydrogen as part of a shift away from fossil fuels. However, the lack of emphasis on green resources and the promotion of hydrogen from brown coal have left many disappointed with the minister’s stance on green hydrogen and zero emissions exports.


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