Changes at Riot and the Road Ahead

Changes at Riot and the Road Ahead

Jan 22, 2024


Minutes ago, we shared with Rioters that we are refocusing on fewer, high-impact projects to move us toward a more sustainable future. Now, we want to tell you what these changes mean for our games, everything around them (esports, Arcane, music, etc.), and what to expect going forward.

For most of our history, we’ve managed to avoid days like this, but this decision is critical for the future of Riot. This isn’t to appease shareholders or to hit a quarterly earnings number—it’s a necessity. Over the past few years, as Riot more than doubled in headcount, we spread our efforts across more and more projects without sharp enough razors to decide what players needed most. The adjustments we’re making aim to focus us on the areas that have the greatest impact on your experience while reducing investment on things that don’t.

This means we’re eliminating about 530 roles globally, which represents around 11% of Rioters, with the biggest impact to teams outside of core development. We recognize that many of you don’t just care about the games you play, but also about the people who make them. These are not just organizational changes; they affect individuals and families, and we do our best to approach these decisions with respect and sensitivity. If you’d like to read the email we sent to Rioters, we’ve shared it here.

Doubling Down on Games at the Center

With today’s moves, we’re going back to putting games at the center of everything we do. Our vision for the future is bold and our commitment to our core live games – League of Legends, VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift – is more ambitious than ever. We’re prioritizing these teams so they can focus on the content, features, and updates that directly respond to what you’ve been asking for. Expect events, modes, and long-term roadmaps that lead to vibrant (hopefully multi-decade) futures for these games.

Our strategy will more tightly integrate esports, music, and entertainment with our games. Esports isn’t just about competition; it’s about the highs, the lows, and the communities that flourish around the games. Entertainment isn’t just about storytelling; it’s a gateway to the deeper narratives, characters, and worlds that enrich the game experience. As we’ve grown, some of our efforts have become more isolated, and we aspire to more seamlessly blend gameplay, c


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