Boeing’s 737 MAX 9 Could Return to Service Soon, but Concerns Remain

Boeing’s troubled 737 MAX 9 could start flying again as soon as Friday, but concerns loom over the readiness of the aircraft to return to service. The Federal Aviation Administration has issued guidelines for the necessary inspections and work that airlines must undertake before the plane can be reinstated, following an incident where a door panel blew off a plane in midair three weeks ago.

United Airlines and Alaska Airlines, the two carriers operating the MAX 9 in the United States, have indicated that they anticipate some of their planes could be back in service as early as this weekend, possibly by Friday. However, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) has expressed skepticism regarding the resolution of issues affecting the MAX 9, such as loose bolts and fitting problems, by Boeing and its contractor, Spirit AeroSystems.

Blumenthal emphasized the need for transparency in the inspection process, questioning who is conducting the inspections and how the results will be made public. He voiced concerns about the perceived haste in returning the planes to the skies without adequate assurance to the American public. Additionally, he called for the National Transportation Safety Board, which is investigating the Jan. 5 incident involving an Alaska Airlines flight, to provide input on the safety of the aircraft.


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