Biden Seeks Advice from Actors Who Played Presidents

President Biden sought advice from actors who have portrayed presidents in movies and television shows ahead of his upcoming State of the Union address. In a video shared on social media, Biden engaged in a virtual conversation with actors Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Geena Davis, Tony Goldwyn, and Bill Pullman, who have all played presidential roles on screen.

Biden expressed his interest in hearing from individuals who have previously held the position, albeit in a fictional capacity. He sought their insights and advice for delivering his upcoming speech to the nation. The video call showcased the actors providing lighthearted yet meaningful advice to the President.

Morgan Freeman, known for his role as the president in the movie ‘Deep Impact,’ emphasized the importance of conveying hope in speeches, referring to hope as the strongest force in the country. Tony Goldwyn, who portrayed a president in the TV show ‘Scandal,’ humorously mentioned his fictional misbehavior during his presidency and advised Biden to emphasize his dedication to the people. Geena Davis, who played the president in the TV show ‘Commander in Chief,’ humorously remarked, ‘There’s no crying in politics,’ to which Biden responded, expressing his hope that his politics wouldn’t bring tears to others.

Michael Douglas, who portrayed the president in the movie ‘The American President,’ highlighted the transformative impact of having a loving partner. Bill Pullman, known for his role as the president in the movie ‘Independence Day,’ commended Biden’s use of phrases like ‘there’s nothing that we can’t do when we do it together.’

The video concluded with Biden extending an invitation to the actors to visit the White House, expressing his desire to meet them in person.

President Biden’s unique approach to seeking advice from fictional presidents has sparked interest and curiosity, with many applauding his creative and unconventional method of preparing for the State of the Union address.


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