Battlefield Franchise Undergoing Major Restructuring and New Game Developments

EA’s Battlefield franchise has had its ups and downs, with the recent release of Battlefield 2042 failing to meet player expectations. The game was plagued with bugs and design choices that didn’t resonate with the community, resulting in lackluster sales. However, the franchise is undergoing a major restructuring, with several key personnel changes.

With Vince Zempalla now leading the series, and Christian Grass heading Ripple Effect (formerly DICE LA), the future of Battlefield is taking shape. The next mainline Battlefield game is not expected until 2025, but there are multiple projects in the works, all to be integrated into the new ‘Battlefield universe.’

Insider Gaming has learned that the upcoming Battlefield title will return to its roots with 64-player matches, a four-class system, and an overhaul to its destruction systems. The game is set in the modern-day, with a strong emphasis on modern technology used in war. Additionally, Ripple Effect is working on a new Battle Royale title, aiming to follow a similar strategy to Call of Duty: Warzone, with the game being free-to-play and tying in with its premium release.

The new Battle Royale title, led by Byron Beede, will feature two game modes: the classic Battle Royale experience and a mode named ‘Gauntlet,’ where teams of players compete in objective-based modes. This shift to a free-to-play model marks a significant departure from past Battlefield game modes, such as Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Firestorm and Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone.

With these developments, the future of the Battlefield franchise seems promising. What are your thoughts on Battlefield’s next mainline game featuring a Battle Royale mode? Share your opinions with us!


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