Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. Appoints Jerry Perchik as Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. has recently announced the appointment of Jerry Perchik as its Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, effective April 29, 2024. This move comes as the company continues to strengthen its leadership team with Perchik bringing over fifteen years of corporate law experience in the healthcare industry.

Prior to joining Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc., Jerry Perchik served as the Chief Legal Officer for MedQuest Associates and has held corporate leadership roles in a legal capacity for both publicly traded and private equity sponsored companies. His extensive experience in the healthcare sector positions him well to contribute to Aveanna Healthcare’s strategic initiatives and legal matters.

The appointment of Jerry Perchik is a significant development for Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. as the company continues to make strategic moves to enhance its operations and governance structure. With his proven track record and expertise, Perchik is expected to play a pivotal role in guiding the company through legal complexities and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Notable activities and developments related to Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. include Deutsche Bank adjusting the company’s price target to $3 from $2 and maintaining a buy rating. Additionally, the company has been actively involved in seeking small M&A tuck-ins, providing earnings guidance for the full year 2024, and reporting various earnings results and executive appointments.

As Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. continues to make strategic business moves and strengthen its leadership team, the appointment of Jerry Perchik reflects the company’s commitment to driving growth and success in the healthcare industry.


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