Anne Hathaway’s Stunning Transformation on Vanity Fair Cover

Anne Hathaway has undergone a stunning transformation, appearing as a completely different person on the cover of Vanity Fair. The actress exudes a sleek and seductive vibe with a faux pompadour pixie hairstyle, complemented by deep, dark vampy lipstick and eye shadow. The photos, captured by Norman Jean Roy, showcase Hathaway’s dark hair pulled up in a super tight French twist, creating the illusion of a pixie cut from the front while maintaining its actual length. The precision of the glamorous, sculpted twist is truly remarkable.

The femme fatale aura extends to her makeup, where she flaunts a smoky bronze and brown eye look with color layered up to her perfectly arched dark brows. Makeup artist Gucci Westman, known for her work with the star, skillfully applies bold strokes of deep black eyeliner on Hathaway’s inner waterlines, enhancing the dark and dangerous aesthetic. The lush wine-colored lipstick and matching vampy manicure complete the sultry ensemble.

In the interview, Hathaway reflects on her early days in Hollywood, recalling how she was once told she lacked sex appeal, a notion she promptly dismissed. Embracing her Scorpio nature, she asserts, ‘I know what I’m like on a Saturday night.’ These captivating photos certainly exude the strong Scorpio energy she speaks of.

This stunning transformation adds to the list of celebrity makeovers, with Hathaway joining the ranks of stars like Olivia Rodrigo and Dove Cameron who have recently undergone striking image changes. With her alluring new look, Hathaway continues to captivate audiences and redefine her public persona.


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