Amazon Employees Express Concerns Over Alleged ‘Quiet Firing’ Tactics

Amazon employees are expressing concerns over the company’s alleged use of ‘quiet firing’ tactics and a potential ‘brain drain.’ The tactics involve pressuring managers to give low performance reviews and implementing stricter return-to-office policies, ultimately leading employees to quit without the need for public layoffs.

According to reports, Amazon has laid off over 27,000 employees since late 2022, prompting fears that the company is resorting to covert methods to reduce its workforce. The term ‘quiet firing’ refers to the practice of creating conditions that drive employees to voluntarily leave the company. In Amazon’s case, this reportedly involves assigning a higher number of employees the lowest performance ratings, enforcing stringent return-to-office policies, and withholding work assignments.

These tactics allow companies to cut labor costs discreetly, without the public scrutiny and disruption associated with traditional layoff announcements. Additionally, if an employee quits as a result of these tactics, the company may avoid the expense of providing severance pay.

One former senior Amazon Web Services employee, Justin Garrison, described the process as ‘silent sacking,’ emphasizing its potential impact on the company’s operational costs and stock price. Garrison revealed that after being informed of his team’s elimination, he was neither laid off nor offered severance, but rather encouraged to seek employment elsewhere.

These reports shed light on the internal concerns within Amazon and raise questions about the company’s workforce management practices. As the debate surrounding ‘quiet firing’ continues, it remains to be seen how Amazon will address these allegations and their potential implications.


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