2024 Land Rover Range Rover Sport: A Sneak Peek at the Park City Edition

Get ready to be wowed by the 2024 Land Rover Range Rover Sport and its exclusive Park City Edition. During an exclusive invite to the Land Rover House in Park City, Utah, we had the opportunity to get up close and personal with this stunning SUV.

The 2024 Range Rover Sport, initially announced in 2022, proved to be the perfect-sized SUV for a variety of needs. Its performance in the snowy terrain of Park City, Utah, was impressive as it effortlessly handled the transportation of ski gear while also accommodating our Après-ski lifestyle. The Dynamic SE model, adorned in Ostuni Pearl White with subtle metallic flecks, complemented by black trim pieces and 22” Satin Dark Grey Style 5127 wheels, exuded an undeniable allure. The Land Rover badge and slender rear tail lights, accented with pops of color, further emphasized the elegance of the white metallic paint, making it a standout choice.

The interior of the Range Rover Sport, featuring luxurious black, or “Ebony,” finishes, showcased impeccable craftsmanship. The perforated leather seats provided both comfort and a sporty upright position, while the mix of materials and textures, including metal paddle shifters and a soft-touch dash, exuded opulence. Despite minor setbacks such as a small rear view and subpar Bluetooth connectivity, the overall interior experience was highly enjoyable, offering comfort for extended journeys.

During our time in Utah, we were privileged to preview the exclusive Range Rover Sport Park City Edition, limited to a mere seven units. This rare edition left a lasting impression, and we were delighted to discover that it offers more than just exclusivity.


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