Warhammer 40K Balance Dataslate Update Introduces Edition 10.5

Warhammer 40K enthusiasts are in for a treat with the release of the latest Balance Dataslate, shaking up the game dynamics. The recent update can be likened to a revamp of the 10th edition, now dubbed as ‘Edition 10.5’, introducing a plethora of new rules and exciting options. Beyond mere balancing adjustments, this update brings a fresh perspective to gameplay, coupled with new missions that essentially offer a whole new gaming experience.

One of the significant changes in this update is the revision of the ‘0CP’ ability associated with certain units when using Stratagems. Previously limited to Battle Tactic stratagems, the alteration now imposes a -1 CP cost if the ‘Free’ stratagem does not specify the Stratagem it can utilize. This change aims to prevent abuse while allowing units to operate uniquely within the game.

Another noteworthy modification is the limitation of regenerating units stratagems to once per game for armies capable of regrowing destroyed units. This adjustment curbs the endless cycle of unit regeneration, particularly impacting armies like the Endless Swarm and Astra Militarum, which heavily relied on this tactic. The change aims to eliminate the tedious gameplay of gradually killing regrowable units to prevent excessive regeneration.

The Ad Mech army receives significant updates, primarily focusing on weapon profile adjustments to prevent an AdMech horde from dominating the Meta with high-damage options. These updates, alongside point adjustments, aim to maintain game balance and prevent any single army from overpowering others. Keeping track of these changes may be simplified by utilizing the corresponding app.

Additionally, Adeptus Custodes benefit from enhancements related to the new missions, with the Shield Host now able to select one of their powers every turn, as opposed to once per game. Combined with other point reductions, these changes aim to enhance the gameplay experience for Custodes players, offering more strategic flexibility.


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