Teen Spy Saves Friends from Russian Occupation

Artem Kariakin, a courageous teen spy, risked his life at the young age of 16 to save his friends in the eastern city of Kadiivka from Russian occupation. Working alone due to the lack of trust in the pro-Russian community, Artem provided vital intelligence to the Ukrainian army and intelligence services using secret social media accounts.

In January 2015, Artem’s quick actions saved the lives of his friends in Ukrainian-controlled Debaltseve by warning them of an impending attack, allowing them to seek shelter before Russian rockets struck. Despite the bleak conditions under occupation, Artem remained dedicated to his mission, realizing the significance of his intelligence for Ukraine’s defense.

After seven years of resistance and the tragic loss of both his parents, Artem left in December 2021 to avoid being recruited into the Russian army. His valuable intelligence upon arriving in Kyiv aided in early missile strikes against Russian positions, and he later joined the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Force, fighting alongside the Army’s Special Forces.

Artem continues to support Ukraine by communicating with friends within enemy territory to smuggle out crucial information. His urgent plea to the West emphasizes the need for more weapons and ammunition to combat the enemy forces. Despite being labeled a traitor in Kadiivka at 26, Artem remains steadfast in his commitment to Ukraine’s defense.


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