Seed money

Nigerian fintech startup, Zone, secures $8.5 million seed funding for blockchain-powered payment infrastructure expansion

Nigerian fintech startup, Zone, secures $8.5 million seed funding to expand its blockchain-powered payment infrastructure. With backing from leading investors, including TLcom Capital and Flourish Ventures, Zone aims to revolutionize payment transactions in Africa and beyond, leveraging its position as the continent’s first regulated blockchain network for payments.

KTrust Emerges from Stealth with $5.3M Seed Round for Innovative Kubernetes Security Approach

NewsKTrust, a cyber company, has emerged from stealth with a Seed round of $5.3 million for its innovative approach to detecting exposures in Kubernetes. KTrust’s proactive Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform autonomously discovers attack paths, maneuvers around security measures, and provides in-depth visibility into a customer’s K8s ecosystem. With a focus on proactive K8s security, KTrust aims to meet critical market demand and empower DevSecOps globally.

Guardrails AI secures $7.5M seed round to help companies manage risks associated with building AI applications

Guardrails AI, a San Francisco-based startup co-founded by Seattle tech veteran Diego Oppenheimer, has secured a $7.5 million seed round to further its mission of helping companies manage risks associated with building AI applications. The company’s open-source platform aims to ensure reliability and prevent unintended outputs when working with large language models and other AI-related applications. With key investors and experienced industry professionals at the helm, Guardrails AI is poised to make a significant impact in the AI technology landscape.

Graphene-Based Nanofilm Membrane to Reduce Air Conditioning Load

Evercloak, a Canadian company, has developed a graphene-based nanofilm membrane that could drastically reduce the energy required for air conditioning systems. The ultra-thin membrane allows water molecules to pass through while keeping out other components of air and gas, resulting in significantly reduced energy demands for dehumidifying air. This breakthrough HVAC technology has received CAD$2m in seed funding and has the potential to cut the energy demands of air conditioning in half.