Carbonated soft drinks

Making Healthier Choices: Alternatives to Sugary Sodas

Looking to make healthier choices than traditional sodas? With concerns about the impact of sugary drinks on health, experts recommend cutting back on sugary beverages. Dietitians suggest alternatives like sparkling water with fruit juice, unsweetened tea, kombucha, or fruit-infused water. By exploring these options, individuals can reduce sugar intake, improve health, and still enjoy refreshing beverages.

FDA Recalls 28 Beverages in 2024 Due to Undisclosed Drugs, Bacteria, and Chemicals

The FDA has recalled 28 beverages in 2024 due to undisclosed drugs, bacteria, and harmful chemicals. From arsenic in Martinelli’s Apple Juice to bacteria in Fiji Water, consumers are urged to be cautious. Stay informed on the latest recalls including Schweppes Zero Sugar Gingerale and PepsiCo’s Mug Root Beer.