New Bluetooth GBA TX Cart Allows You to Control Nintendo Switch with Game Boy Advance Console

Are you a fan of playing retro games with their original controllers? If so, a new innovation might catch your interest. A modder known as insideGadgets has created a Bluetooth GBA TX Cart that allows you to control your Nintendo Switch using a Game Boy Advance console.

This unique cartridge effectively turns your GBA into an 8BitDo Zero 2 wireless controller, enabling you to have a more authentic gaming experience while playing on your Switch. Not only does it work with the Switch, but it is also compatible with PC, tablets, and smartphones, offering versatility for gaming across different devices.

However, this innovation comes with a price tag. Priced at $89, the modder has mentioned that the complexity of making the cart contributes to its cost. While it may be more expensive than a typical wireless controller for the Switch, it provides a one-of-a-kind option for those seeking a truly genuine gaming experience.

If you are interested in enhancing your gaming setup with this unique controller alternative, you can register your interest on the shop’s website. Share your thoughts on this innovation and whether you would consider purchasing it in the comments section below!


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