Meagan Good Finds Healing Through Role in ‘Divorce in the Black’

Meagan Good, the star of Tyler Perry’s new Amazon Prime film ‘Divorce in the Black’, set to release on July 11, recently shared her thoughts on portraying a character who undergoes a transformation from a battered wife to an empowered divorcee. Good expressed that playing this role was ‘therapeutic’ for her, especially amidst her own personal experiences.

Reflecting on her life journey in Hollywood, Good emphasized the importance of making every part of her life meaningful and devoid of regrets. She highlighted her commitment to embracing all aspects of her life and ensuring that she can look back without any sense of remorse.

In ‘Divorce in the Black’, Meagan Good portrays Ava, a character who navigates the challenging transition from being in an abusive relationship to finding strength through divorce. Good noted that she found a sense of healing through this role, particularly given her past divorce from pastor DeVon Franklin in 2021.

Unlike her character’s tumultuous relationship in the film, Good clarified that her former husband was a ‘wonderful, beautiful human being,’ and their separation did not involve abuse. She acknowledged the emotional turmoil that often accompanies divorce, describing the stages of grief and eventual acceptance.

Interestingly, Good revealed a parallel between her personal life and her character’s storyline by sharing that she did not anticipate finding love again. Last year, she made headlines for her relationship with actor Jonathan Majors, who faced legal issues related to domestic assault.

Jonathan Majors, known for his role in ‘Creed III’, was involved in a legal dispute with his ex-girlfriend, leading to charges of domestic assault. Despite the challenges, Good stood by Majors’ side during the legal proceedings, emphasizing their commitment to each other.

Meagan Good expressed her contentment in her current relationship with Jonathan Majors, highlighting that she is the ‘happiest’ she has been in a long time. Their journey together has been marked by challenges, but Good emphasized their resilience and dedication to overcoming obstacles.

When asked about the intricate connection between her character and real-life experiences, Good mentioned that she and Majors were focused on navigating their current phase of life, without dwelling on the parallels to the movie.

As ‘Divorce in the Black’ prepares for its release, Meagan Good’s portrayal of Ava promises to deliver a powerful narrative of strength, resilience, and transformation, resonating with audiences through its poignant storytelling and emotional depth.


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