Kevin Hart Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Breach of Settlement Agreement

Recent news has surfaced regarding a lawsuit filed against comedian Kevin Hart by his former friend, J.T. Jackson. The lawsuit, amounting to millions of dollars, stems from an incident related to a sex tape extortion scandal that made headlines back in 2017.

Court documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Jackson claims Hart made unfounded accusations about his involvement in filming and sharing the controversial sex tape featuring Hart and Montia Sabbag. In 2021, the two reportedly reached a settlement agreement, wherein Hart agreed to issue a public apology and assist in restoring Jackson’s public image.

However, Jackson alleges that when it came time for Hart to make the public apology as per the settlement terms, the comedian deviated from the agreed-upon statement. Specifically, Jackson asserts that Hart failed to acknowledge that Jackson had no part in any extortion scheme related to the tape.

Jackson, who faced multiple charges in connection to the tape but had them dropped later, is now suing Hart for breach of contract, emotional distress, and more. Seeking damages of at least $12 million, Jackson emphasizes the negative impact the ordeal had on his personal and professional life, exacerbated by the strained relationship with someone he once considered a close friend.

In a statement to TMZ, Jackson expressed his disappointment in Hart’s failure to uphold his end of the settlement deal, which was intended to help clear Jackson’s name and allow him to continue working in the industry without stigma.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Jackson aims to restore his reputation, hold Hart accountable, and prevent similar injustices from occurring in the future. Despite reaching out to Hart for comment, there has been no response from the comedian at the time of writing.


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