Ellen DeGeneres Makes Bold Statement During Last Stand-Up Show

Ellen DeGeneres made a bold statement during her recent stand-up show in Santa Rosa, joking that she is ‘done’ after her upcoming Netflix special. The comedian, known for her popular talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ addressed her exit from the spotlight and the controversies surrounding her.

During her ‘Ellen’s Last Stand…Up’ tour, DeGeneres candidly shared with the audience about her life post-cancellation of her talk show. She humorously mentioned getting chickens and being ‘kicked out of show business for being mean.’

Reflecting on her past attitude towards criticism, DeGeneres admitted to her own sensitivity, acknowledging that fame had influenced her perception of herself. She quipped about potentially being canceled next for being ‘old, gay, and mean,’ adding a comedic touch to her introspection.

Addressing the accusations of creating a toxic work environment on her show, DeGeneres defended herself by stating that while she may come across as demanding and tough, she is not inherently mean. She emphasized that her intentions were never malicious, despite the negative perceptions.

When asked about a potential return to the limelight, DeGeneres firmly declared that her upcoming Netflix special would mark the end of her public appearances. She expressed a resolute ‘no’ to any future comeback, indicating a definitive conclusion to her career.

DeGeneres’ decision comes in the wake of allegations made by former and current staffers regarding workplace misconduct and a toxic atmosphere on her show. The comedian acknowledged the challenges she faced, including being labeled as the ‘be kind’ girl while dealing with internal conflicts and external criticism.

As DeGeneres prepares for her final stand in the entertainment industry, her upcoming Netflix special is set to be a significant milestone in her career. With a mix of humor and introspection, the comedian bids farewell to the public eye, leaving behind a legacy that has resonated with audiences for years.


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